To do: Buy Makeup Remover

In my last post, which I wrote on actual Halloween, I was completely costume-blocked. I did actually spend Halloween night in pajamas on my sofa. But in college, apparently Halloween doesn’t end on the 31st, and it’s required that you dress up all weekend. This was a problem since I have really comfy pajamas and I couldn’t even figure out a costume for one night of Halloween.

Luckily most of my friends were on the same page, and are also insanely creative, so for the remainder of the Halloween weekend, we just used makeup to really complete our costumes.

I thought I’d post some pictures because everyone’s makeup just looked so cool. It was definitely the easy and fun way out of getting a traditional costume. And it was cost-effective too, because we already owned almost all of the makeup we used.

IMG_5656My roommate had the most creative idea to be a Lichtenstein pop-art girl. I did her makeup on Halloween night (before I planted myself on the couch and then fell asleep by 10pm) and I think it turned out great and she looked absolutely amazing. IMG_5756Taylor made herself into a Sugar Skull and looked fantastic, especially paired with those earrings. She inspired my makeup! IMG_5757Amelia made herself into the world’s cutest scarecrow (who would have scared away no crows!). She looked so cool and even continued the makeup down her arms to really complete the costume. IMG_5758My other roommate was so excited to dress up as a ’20s/ Gatsby inspired girl. She completed her look with this vampy, dark lipstick. It’s Diva, by MAC; it’s the perfect fall lipstick and looks great on everyone. IMG_5760For night two of Halloween my roommates and I decided to dress as witches, inspired by this season of American Horror Story: The Coven. It was super easy (i.e. we’re lazy) because we just wore black dresses. But we put in a little effort with spiderweb makeup. IMG_5759Finally, I guess I got into the Halloween spirit by the 3rd night. I did Sugar Skull inspired makeup, like Taylor. IMG_5764think crazy makeup might be the new Halloween trend. Putting the makeup on was the most fun part of the night(s). The least fun part was taking it all off; I think there’s still glue on my face from those rhinestones.  

Ghosts of Halloween Past

I’m usually pretty unmotivated when it comes to choosing a Halloween costume, and this Halloween isn’t any different. But this time it’s because I literally peaked last year, and had the costume of all costumes and I will never be able to top it.

Halloween is supposed to be the day where you get to be whatever you want and I don’t think any other costume captures my hopes and dreams as much as this one. Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 2.33.35 PM

Since it’s Halloween today and all I’ve got to show for it is a midterm and a deep refusal to be an outfit-repeater, I think this year might be more low key (i.e. I’ll probably be in pajamas on my sofa).

But I’ll never forget those grande memories of being Starbucks.

If Starbucks speaks to you the way it does to me, here’s how I made the costume: 

To make this costume I just asked my Starbucks friends for about 10 cups and cup sleeves.

I cut the cups in half and sort of flattened them. The front halves of the cup formed the front of my top, and the backs obviously made the back (there was a good amount of tape involved). I just arranged the cups into the shape of a shirt I wanted and attached them together.

Then I attached the Starbucks sleeves around my waist like a belt and stapled the rest around the edge of the tutu.